Our Vision

We envision a world where we all live joyously present in each moment, preserving memories so they can be celebrated rather than longed-for. We know that babies grow up too fast, family members move away, and wrinkles in time force us to say goodbye too soon. Our masterpieces literally cast your love in stone so you can keep them with you, always.

About You

Our patrons are discerning clientele who appreciate quality and craftsmanship. They trust the expertise of our artists and won’t settle for mass production or lack-of-choice. But they are also real people, with budgets, inspiration, and stories of their own.

About Us

The relationship between an artist and their muse is intimate and personal. We are honoured to bear witness to the moments in your life that are so special they need to be immortalized forever. In a market full of do-it-yourself kits and momprenuer franchises, we pride ourselves on building relationships that will last a lifetime. Thank you for letting us into yours.

Collectively, our team has over 100 years of professional arts experience -including seven fine arts degrees- so you can trust that we know how to create sculptures that last.

We are a family owned and operated: big enough to operate efficiently, but small enough that we can create something unique and special just for you. And throughout everything we do, we believe that good people know good people. We will treat you right knowing that our service will keep you coming back for generations, bringing your friends along with you.

Making art together for nearly 14 years,

Desneige, Irene, Angella, Kristian, Warren, Tara and Heather

Classic Shadowbox Memory Castings with Gold Newborn Hands and Feet Sculptures

“We loved the engagement gift we received of Peter and I holding hands, and cherish the hands and feet casting you made of Maddie and Aidan when they were little too. But my favourite Memory Casting of all is the  one of my Gramma and Grampa wearing their wedding bands. Thank you Desneige.”

~ Jeannine, Langley, BC