Our Offerings

All Memory Castings are uniquely personal and designed with you. That said, our offerings fall into four general categories.


Perfect for babies, siblings, and pets

Cutomized just for you, Memory Castings features perfect replica sculptures of each delicate wrinkle and dimple in their tiny hands and feet, beautifully framed in a bespoke shadowbox.


Perfect for couples, families, and teams

Love Sculptures are unframed, 3D Memory Castings that shows your connection in all its true glory.


Gifts & Extras for you and everyone who loves your baby too

Ornaments, magnets, keychains, and extra castings 


Give Thoughtful Gifts

Gift Packages and Certificates are available in any dollar amount, or cover the full cost of our most popular Memory Castings Packages.

Evelyn's Baby Hand and Feet Castings in a Classic Memory Castings Shadowbox Frame

We create artwork so uniquely beautiful that you will want to display it forever—and of such high quality that you can.